Power Outage at the Washington County Court House

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A power surge at the Washington County Court House sends everyone home for the day, closing the court house for the afternoon.

Marietta Fire Department says it is all because of an adventurous squirrel.

Officials say the power went out in the Washington County Court House around 11AM.

Chief Deputy Mark Warden says there are three phases of power going into the court house, one of those phases received a power surge. The squirrel did die as a result of the power surge.

Marietta Fire and the Security and Transport Division were on scene.

The court house was evacuated and AEP was called in to fix the problem. Because the court house was then operating on only two power phases, officials recommended to send everyone home for the day for safety.

Attorney Bill Adams showed up to the court house for work and was a little unhappy he didn't have a heads up.

"It's kinda difficult I wish there was a better way of notifying people particularly anyone that has things scheduled but if they don't have electricity they may not have any better idea what is or isn't taking place this afternoon than anybody else," said Bill Adams, Attorney in Marietta.

The computer system was down for a couple hours during the day.

Chief Deputy Warden says they might not of had to close if the generator was up and working. He does realize what an inconvenience it was to the community, however everything will be back to normal tomorrow.

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