Power Wheels Donated to Help Children

Four Power Wheels are donated to children with disabilities.

Uni-Select Inc., Auto Plus Parts Store, and The Marietta Shriner's Organization comes together to help children with disabilities.

Uni-select Automotive Distribution Center, Auto Plus Parts Store in Marietta Ohio holds a held a training activity to better prepare employees for their new integrated system. During the training, employees split into teams and assembled a batter-operated Fisher Price Power Wheels Ford Mustang. The challenged forced employees to work with the supply chain and learn about the new process.

"So the employees could get a hands on training, part by part, on how the new system would work when they went live on our new system. The Marietta distribution center and the local Auto Plus Store built four of these cars through the training exercise," explains Divisional Operations Manager for Uni-Select Inc., Marian Mullins.

After training, the four Power Wheels were donated to the Marietta' Shriner's Organization. Uni-Select says they chose the Shiner's because it is a local charity that covers several disabilities, including burn victims and children with disabilities.

One of the Mustang's was donated to Christopher Wehr, who took tried out the car as they were donated. "This is amazing, he's so excited, we're very happy," explains his mother, Tiffany Wehr.

The Shriner's Club says they're very thankful for Uni-Select and Auto Plus Parts Store in Marietta Ohio for thinking of their organization and the children.

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