Pre-Storm Scramble Keeps Grocers Busy

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Mid-Ohio Valley residents are stocking up for the storm and keeping area grocery stores busy.

The Marietta giant eagle parking lot was filled with shoppers this morning.

Meanwhile the Parkersburg Foodland on Plum Street saw its rush in waves.

Store manager Dave Worst said he was prepared because he makes his weekly orders according to the forecast.

"What's funny is that recently i see more frozen items, pizzas and stuff, and traditionally in the snow, you'd be without power, but we've been fortunate this year with the snow fall that we've had power," said Worst.

He expects people will start buying batteries and non-perishable food items if there is a big ice storm that cuts off electricity.

Worst said today's hot items were eggs, bread and milk. He said salt was a big one too; he had to order a second shipment of it earlier this week.

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