Predicted Snow, Thanksgiving Means Busy Time For Grocery Stores

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Call it a double dip at the grocery store.

Not only is it Thanksgiving week, but the threat of several inches of snow is forcing many to stock up and one supermarket is ready for the extra business.

"We had a few really good hours in the evening (Monday night) when we normally don't, especially when it's cold and dark,” says David Worst, grocery manager at Foodland in Parkersburg.

They're shopping for the DHHR.

"We help some of our families and that's why we're out,” says Megan Carpenter, of Marietta. “We're trying to get everything done before anything happens."

Wicked weather is threatening the best laid travel plans, but at Foodland it's not stopping people from buying food for Thanksgiving – as you can see behind me, the bread shelves are empty.

"Stuff that they don't have to come back out for,” Worst says.

Carl Harnish of Parkersburg is ahead of the game, stocking up for both the weather and the holiday.

"I found everything I was looking for; turkey, cranberry, stuffing, vegetables and pumpkin pie,” Harnish says.

Worst knows the weather guides the way.

"You start with the Weather Channel in the morning and pretty much set your day on how it's gonna be,” the grocery manager says. “So we got in contact with our milk and bread companies and it's already in motion to make sure we're pretty well set."

For one mom, it's all about Thanksgiving.

"Everything they have is here, so I'm happy,” says Terri Robinson of Parkersburg. “Wish they had more hamburger, but I'm good with what they have."

And she's cooking just what the family wants.

"Macaroni and cheese, a big pot of macaroni and cheese,” Robinson says.

When it comes down to it, people are making sure they have everything they need.

"So they don't have to come back out, that's pretty much been it. “We have had people calling up and making sure we had certain items,” Worst says.

Foodland is open all day today, rain or storm.

The overnight weather will determine just how prepared everyone is food-wise.

At the Foodland in Parkersburg, it's really Thanksgiving, not the weather, motivating most everyone to stop in.

Grocery Manager David Worst says people just want to make sure they have everything they need so they don't have to come back in.

"They're buying a lot of their Thanksgiving meal, but they're also getting extra milk, bread... stuff, you know, that they don't have to come back out for," Worst says. "But really trying to make sure that they make a good list of the stuff they do need for Thanksgiving so they don't have to come back."

He says they had a few really good hours Monday night when normally they don't, especially when it's cold and dark outside.

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