Preparing For Real Life Emergencies

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You may have noticed several emergency vehicles at the Solvay Plant on Route 7 Saturday afternoon.

But there's no need to worry as nine local agencies along with several employees of the plant participated in the Washington County EMA Emergency Drill.

"What this is it's an emergency exercise so that we can simulate something that you know we don't want to have happen but if it does happen, we want to have good experience in doing it," says Solvay Senior Vice President, Wally Kandel.

Emergency crews got that experience by responding to a call as they would in an actual emergency situation.

"We're gonna go through a scenario to where we have a release and some people are injured. and so during that time, we will be going through the actual exercise of how we would secure them, how we would respond to the release all the way through to taking the people that are down so to speak to and transporting them to local hospitals," added Kandel.

The local agencies are glad to be a part of the drill to not only get more experience...but also to help them save lives.

"Drills as such as this is very important to us, especially with what happened in West, Texas couple of nights ago. we take it real serious so we know what to do in case of an emergency," replied Warren Township Volunteer Fire Chief, Mark Wile.

"Getting opportunities like this to work with everyone in the county is an excellent opportunity to be able to build our relationships with all of the departments in our county to make quicker and safer responses for any situation we go on," Marietta Fire Chief C.W. Durham said.

And everyone at Solvay is happy to give law enforcement the tools they need to become a stronger unit in emergency situations.

"It's a win-win situation. What I mean by that is Solvay benefits from getting to go through these drills and the community benefits because we get to do the exercise with all of the emergency responders," says Kandel.

Warren Township Volunteer Fire Department, Washington County Sheriff's Office and Belpre Police Department were among the local agencies involved in the drill.

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