Preparing For the Worst

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Just how bad is it going to be? The question across the Valley as agencies and families start to prepare for the worst.

"We're planning for what might happen," says Marietta Mayor Joe Matthews, "of course at this stage no body knows what we are going to get yet, so I guess we'll just wait and see."

While the forecast calls for some rain and cold weather, a lot of the area is still preparing for possible flooding, high winds, power outages, and even the possibility of snow.

"You should be prepared all the time," says a volunteer for the Parkersburg Red Cross, Larry Edwards, "I don't care what the situation is that comes about, you know people should have stand by equipment on hand, they should have a lot of food and the necessary material that they can use and basically just be ready for anything that might occur."

The West Virginia Red Cross already has extra help in Charleston and the eastern panhandle for the other areas of West Virginia expected to be hit hard and they're also ready to go here in the Valley. "We've got people on stand by for sheltering if we need them," explains Edwards "we've got a lot of people active right now."

Local communities are preparing too. Marietta Mayor Joe Matthews met with different departments making sure they were prepared and knew the plan if something were to happen. "You know I don't think we're going to have it as bad but we are preparing for the worst, we've got the street department out today cleaning out the leaves because if we do get much rain and they do have their plows and things if we do get some snow. So we are on top of it."

But these departments can only do so much, it's up to the community to make sure they're prepared themselves. 'I think people should have an emergency kit, lots of water, have lots of food they could use that don't have to have access to heat and things of that nature," says Edwards.

"If we do get power outages, make sure you have plenty of batteries, light, things like this, and drinking water and pills and also your phones work and keep your cell phones charged," continues Matthews.

The Red Cross is also accepting donation for area relief and relief for the more north Eastern part of the state and country.

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