Preparing Your Home For Extremely Cold Temps

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With another round of arctic temperatures knocking at our doors, many are prepping their homes once again to prevent damage caused by frozen pipes.

Just a few weeks ago when we saw temps well below zero - some of coldest temps in decades - many sustained quite a bit of damage from broken water pipes.

And with another shot of very cold temps headed our way, the Parkersburg Fire Department is reminding people to plan ahead and have your homes prepared.

During the last cold spell the fire deparment responded to 48 incidents of burst water pipes, resulting in flooded homes and businesses and several hundred thousands of dollars in damage.

On average, a quarter of a million people have damage in their homes every winter from frozen water pipes.

Chief Taylor of the Parkersburg Fire Department says frozen pipes aren't just an inconvenience, but they also create major fire risks when residents try to thaw them.

Having pipes well insulated will help to protect them from freezing.

And when that mercury does drop a trickle of hot and cold water in your sinks could be all it takes to keep pipes from freezing.

And if you are planning to be away the next couple of days during the very cold temps, Taylor recommends you set your thermostat no lower than 55 degrees.

A reminder if your pipes do freeze never try to thaw them with a torch or open flame as that is a major fire hazard.

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