Preserving Family Cemeteries

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They're not easy to find, and, in fact, they're so small they're probably hidden by overgrown brush.

There are more than 150 cemeteries in Wood County where only family members are buried.

They're at sites like one off Larkmead Road, believed to date back to the 1800's.

"Many of them were buried out on the farm with just a field stone to mark their grave," says Bob Enoch, who has documented many a burial site. "This is not right. These are the people who came into this area and settled it, and laid the groundwork for what we enjoy today. And we feel we need to remember these people."

The Wood County Rural Cemetery Alliance says the month of May is being set aside not only to remember, but to clean up and maintain these burial sites.

The alliance is looking for volunteers to do just that-and, perhaps to locate a family cemetery.

For more information, or to volunteer, you can contact Bob Enoch at 304-485-8655, or 304-483-9863.

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