Preserving The History Of Wood County

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The Wood County Historical & Preservation Society is raising money to build a monument at the 'Poor Farm Cemetery.'

Historical Society President Bob Enoch says the group is looking to raise $2,200 to build a monument in what is known as the Poor Farm Cemetery located near WVU-P.

Enoch explains that many of those interred in cemetery died with no money for burial and are commonly referred to as unfortunates. He says these individuals are no less a part of our past than any other member of our history and deserve to be memorialized.

"Of all the people that are interred on the cemetery, whether its this cemetery or the cemetery out on the hill top, they were all part of our life. They were all part. They lived, they contributed," Enoch says. "They were fathers, brothers, parents, sisters and they should not be forgotten."

To learn how you can contribute call (304) 295-9777 or write to PO Box 565, Parkersburg, WV 26102.

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