President Obama Pushes for Strict Gun Control Laws

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President Obama pushes for strict gun control laws.

The president's recommendations include 23 executive actions, but they really boil down to three key components.

Those include, banning military style "assault" weapons, limiting clip capacity to ten rounds and requiring universal background checks for everyone buying a gun.

Flanked by Vice President Joe Biden, and several children who wrote the president letters following the Sandy Hook Elementary shooting, President Obama challenged congress to pass his plan saying it's worth it, even if it saves one life.

President Obama also said he was asking the CDC to study the causes behind gun violence, and was pushing to make funding available to school systems interested in employing a school resource officer.

We'll have local reaction to the president's plan tonight on WTAP News at 5 and 6. Check here for the latest statements from the valley's congressional delegation.

“West Virginians want us to work together to find common ground solutions to reduce gun violence in the United States—a goal we all share. That’s why I am disappointed that President Obama issued an executive order today instead of showing willingness to work with Congress and State Leaders to address this serious issue. Whether appointing Czars to run car companies, using the EPA to regulate where it can legislate, or using executive orders to circumvent Congress on gun control, the President has displayed a worrisome willingness to use the White House to advance ideological agendas.

I will continue to consider ideas and proposals that address this issue in an inclusive manner, from the level of violence in the media to how we address mental illness in this country to gun laws.”

- Congresswoman, Shelley Moore Capito, R-W.V.

“I appreciate the work that went into the President’s recommendations. I have not had a chance to review them yet, because I have been meeting with West Virginians today to discuss school safety and the culture of mass violence that has permeated our society today. I will weigh each recommendation carefully.

However, I am disappointed that the President did not recommend the creation of the national commission on mass violence that I have proposed. A national commission can build the consensus we need for real action backed not only by gun control advocates, mental health experts and entertainment industry executives but also by law-abiding gun owners who fully understand the history and heritage of firearms in America. Violence destroys the dignity, hopes and lives of millions of Americans, and we have a unique opportunity to stop this epidemic – but only if we can put politics aside and have an honest and effective conversation about what to do about our culture of mass violence.”

- Senator, Joe Manchin D-W.V.

Keith Allen, the co-owner of the Trigger Happy gun shop in Washington County, says business began picking up just after the december 14th shootings.

And he believes the initiatives President Obama announced Wednesday might increase gun shop business even more.

"Just threats of legislation causes people to do a little bit of panic buying and fear buying," Allen says. "It's going to make things even tighter than they currently are in terms of securing ammunition and handguns and long guns as well."

Allen notes that the demand for certain weapons and ammunition has made it difficult for retailers to re-stock their shelves, .because suppliers can't keep up with the demand.

"It's very difficult to find handgun ammunition, or what is considered AR-15 ammunition. That's impossible to find from any of our wholesalers Even the big box stores are currently unable to restock."

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