Preventing Ebola From Spreading

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The Ebola epidemic continues to be an ongoing battle.

But what happens when the virus spreads close to home?

The World Health Organization says the virus is much more deadly then the world realizes.

The actual number of deaths and illnesses are significantly higher then official estimates.

Many countries are stepping up precautions to prevent the spread of disease, including the United States.

So, what happens if Ebola, or some related virus hits here, right in the Mid-Ohio Valley?

Infection control at Camden Clark is prepared for the virus and they will take any precaution necessary to limit the spread of disease.

"We do try to prepare and be proactive and make sure we have everything in place so that we don't have to scramble at the last minute for supplies and we want to make sure our staff is knowledgeable and know what to do so they don't panic," says Susan Dearman, Infection Control Officer. "Everything we get from the health department and CDC is shared with our front line staff so that they know what to do when we should get a case like that."

The most important indicator of this virus is being exposed to foreign travel or in contact with a person who has foreign traveled recently.

It may seem unlikely for ebola to spread in the United States but is a possibility, and medical practices are prepared.

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