Pro-Skater Attends Parkersburg Trick Contest

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Sunday was a perfect day to be outside biking, jogging, and even skateboarding, which is what dozens were doing at the Parkersburg Skate Plaza.

Bethel Church held its first ever trick contest Sunday afternoon.

Skateboarders of all ages and skill levels participated, showing off what they can do.

Prizes were handed out to the winners of each level.

And the skaters were treated to a special guest.

Pro-skater Mike Steinkamp spoke to the crowd, sharing a special message of hope and love.

"It's amazing for me to be here. No one ever came to my skate park when I was growing up as a kid and told me that they love me or told me that god loved me," he said. "So for this church to be stepping out and investing in these kids lives and bringing me out here and them coming out here and putting in all this work is amazing."

Organizers say the event turned out to be quite a success and they hope to do it again next year.

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