Proactive Approach to Cat Population

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Taking a pro active approach to the cat population, one organization makes it their job to fix all the cats they can.

"There's a huge volume of cats and the huge population and at times when I've been involved with the shelter there has been as many as three to four hundred cats on intake," explains one of the founders of the organization, Cheryl Hall.

It's The Friends of Feline and it was all started to try and make an impact on these increasing numbers. It is ran completely off donations and volunteers. "We thought that if we started something locally to try and prevent the number of cats coming in, would be the best way to help the cats over all." It was all started by Cheryl Hall, Sharon Paul, and Deputy Kelly Schubert.

The Humane Society of the Ohio Valley currently can't afford to get all their cats fixed at once, along with many others throughout the community. So, this group helps to spay and neuter cats from the shelter, in foster, and even those from the community.

"The cats are going to a low cost spay and neuter clinic in Huntington WV and they have the capability to handle the high volumes." ( The clinic is also ran completely by volunteers and spays and neuters for nearly half the cost of the average vet.

Over thirty cats, from just the shelter this time, have their name tags put on and are taken to be fixed. Volunteers donate all their time for the trip to Huntington and pay for all travel expenses, including gas, themselves. Donations are only used for the spay and neuter.

The organization has gotten over 200 cats fixed since starting nearly two years ago.

"One cat can produce 376 cats within a three year span. That's them having kittens, their kittens having kittens and that's only going on 3 kittens surviving each litter," explains one of the Founders, Washington County Dog Warden, Deputy Kelly Schubert.

So you can imagine the impact of over 200 cats.

"Just please spay and neuter your cats and dogs," continues Hall.

All the cats fixed on this trip and more, are available for fostering or adoption for only five dollars.

Friends of Felines has says if anyone wants to send their cat on the next trip to be spayed or neutered, the fix would be the only cost. Typically less than $50. Call the HSOV for more information 740-373-5959

Friends of Felines is through Marietta Community Foundation. To donate you can can write a check to the Community Foundation or leave donations at the Humane Society. They are also in need of cat carriers.

For more on spaying and neutering:

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