Proposed RV Park

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One man sees the benefit of a new RV Park in Marietta, but the Washington County Planning Commission denies it from going forward.

"The opposition was highly against you know, putting what he wanted to put in down there and I think there were a lot of valid reasons for why they didn't want it,” says Mayor Joe Matthews.

James "Chip" Wilson from the commission calls it the right decision.

"Because a great part of what Mr. Nichols was asking for is directly in conflict with the requirements of the Ohio Administrative Code and we don't have the ability to give him relief or variance for those requirements,” Wilson says. “So to give him a variance would've just been wrong."

The Washington County Commissioners say the proposed RV park is a no-go.

"A lot of people have a lot invested, like the hospital and Community Action," Matthews says.

Wilson isn't opposed to the idea of having RV parks in Marietta.

"As long as they're not detrimental to the surrounding uses and as long as they aren't of such a density that they create a community in and of themselves,” he says.

Craig Nichols can have a go at it again.

"Of course Mr. Nichols has the right to appeal it I guess, or go to city council if he wishes," the mayor says. "But I think as of right now we made the right decision."

There are over 13,000 privately owned RV parks and more than 1,600 state parks that cater to RVers in the USA.

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