UPDATE: Proposed Levy to Help Libraries

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UPDATE: 6/21/11 6:27 p.m.

The levy will include funding for the Mid-Ohio Valley Regional Airport and Veteran's Museum as well as the Parkersburg and Wood County Public Library.

The estimated annual funds would be 450 thousand dollars.

The money will go towards re-construction of entrance of the Parkersburg and Wood County Library and a new building for the South Parkersburg Library.

Director, Brian Raitz says, "it would be better if we had more extended hours at Waverly. It would be better if we had more children's activities here at the library, and of course the Southside library...a larger library that met the needs of that community."

Raitz says he hopes to add more employees for multiple area libraries to have extended hours.


The South Parkersburg library is in need of major repairs and construction.

According to the director of Wood County Libraries, Brian Raitz, the small library built in1972 on Blizzard Drive serves about 27 thousand people.

"It's just access. you don't have access to a decent library on Southside, and it really needs to be addressed," Raitz said.

Part of this access includes the library only having eight parking spaces.

The funding would also allow for more library employees so the library can have extended hours.

The commission will meet again Thursday to decide if the levy will be put on this November's ballot.

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