Protecting Your Home Over The Holidays

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You've spent weeks wrapping Christmas presents, and now you want to show them off by putting them under your tree, but police are warning about making yourself a target for thieves.

It's a beautiful sight during the holiday season. Tree's decorated and presents surrounding it, but Parkersburg Police are giving some advice this holiday season to make sure there's no grinches taking over your Christmas.

"Everybody that has a tree, they want to show it off and you can see it from the front of the street. Criminals also look in front windows to see what they may be able to steal at some point. It would be better to keep a few presents out and the rest hid until Christmas morning," says Parkersburg Police Sgt. Greg Collins.

Even after the presents are unwrapped, you could still be setting yourself up as a target, just by taking out the trash.

"Homeowners unknowingly all too often make themselves the target of burglary by putting their boxes from their gifts on the curb which advertises all their valuables. Break down the boxes, conceal them in trash bags and trash cans or better yet, wait till the last minute to put those items out for trash pickup. Another option would also be to hand deliver these items to a recycling center that way you know you're not advertising all the wonderful gifts you got for Christmas."

And many families will travel this Christmas. Police say if you're going to be away, it's a good idea to take a few extra steps to keep your house secure.

"You'll hear every law enforcement professional give this advice, keep your house lit up. Keep items on like radio and tv. A dark house is absolutely an invitation for a burglar. The best thing is to make it look like the home is occupied. "

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