Protecting Yourself From the Mumps

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More mumps cases every day in the Columbus area.

A doctor here at home says the vaccine is the best way to protect yourself.

The viral infection can lead to meningitis, even hearing loss.

And experts say it spreads easily.

The Columbus outbreak started on the Ohio State University campus and spread to the surrounding community, affecting 69 people.

Dr. Jessica Shreve with Camden Clark Medical Center says the MMR vaccine can keep you from getting the mumps.

It's given at age 1 and again between the ages of 4 and 6.

Adults who didn't have that second shot should look into getting the booster.

She says mumps are making a comeback, making the vaccine even more important.

"We're actually starting to see more and more cases of it which, again, it should have been eradicated. So the problem with that becomes one, we're now seeing diseases that have been gone for a long time and you have newer, younger doctors that have never seen this case before - just from textbooks - they've never been exposed to it. So you may actually have a delay in diagnosis because of the fact that this should've been eradicated and never seen again," says Dr. Shreve.

She says she's not aware of any local cases of the mumps.

Those not vaccinated, pregnant women, children and the elderly are at highest risk.

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