Still Coming, Just Not As Quickly

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Updated: 1/04/2013 6:20 P.M.

A plan to move 450 Public Debt jobs to the Parkersburg area from Maryland may have been slowed down.

But Mayor Bob Newell says it isn't on hold.

Members of Maryland's congressional delegation announced Thursday the transfer of those jobs to Parkersburg will be delayed by four years.

The mayor believes not only that the relocation will happen, but that the Bureau of Public Debt may be looking at other expansion plans-which might include the Mid-Ohio Valley.

"And there's opportunities for them to expand in those areas, without this move from Maryland over the next few years," Mayor Newell says. "And I think that's where they're looking down the road. The good news is, Public Debt is here, and it's not leaving. We still have the 1800-plus employees, and there's going to be expansion."

Maryland's U.S. Congressmen and Senators have been lobbying the treasury department for a delay since the move was announced in August.


Last summer, we reported 450 jobs were transferring to Parkersburg from the Bureau of Public Debt in the nation's capital.

Thursday, congressman David McKinley talked about the transfer with the Wood County Commission.

He believes a large number of those jobs will go to people from this area.

"Just like when the FBI located, there were a lot of people in the Harrison and Marion (county) area who came into the FBI, McKinley recalls, regarding similar transfers in the Northern Panhandle. "I think that's probably what's going to happen here. Local people getting hired, intermingled with people coming from Washington."

That transition is expected to be done in three years.

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