Safety Service Awards

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Awarding those in our community that put others before themselves every day.

The 31st annual Muskingum Valley Area Chamber of Commerce Safety Service Awards Ceremony was held Wednesday in Beverly, honoring first responders from all departments in Washington County.

One member from the sheriff's office, Marietta Police, Washington County Volunteer Fire Association and Washington County EMS each received awards, in addition to a dual award for two members of the Marietta Fire Departnent.

"It's very important, a lot of these people aren't over paid. A lot of the jobs they do, they do because they truly want to do it. And it's fulfilling for us to be able to give them awards, to let them know we really do appreciate everything they do for the public," says Rick Walters, chairman of the Muskingum Valley Area Chamber of Commerce.

Walters says the event Wednesday was very well attended.

Each recipient is usually chosen because of a large event throughout the year where they showed courage in the face of danger helping others.

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