Put Down the Phone

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Every time you start the car, drop the phone.

The law went into effect July 1st in West Virginia, no cell phone use while driving and police are out looking, all the time.

Sgt. Collins of the Parkersburg Police Department says they can't stress it enough. Put your phone down.

Collins says it's not as hard for the police to catch you then you think. Most people will pull up beside police cars and be on their phone.

He says they have cited many people just like that.

They are trying to be fair, however Collins says they have been warning people for a long time about the law and now the time has come. They are cracking down.

"Sometimes laws are created to protect us from ourselves, and at some point down the road a young person getting their license for the first time will now know no difference. It will always be that way for them. For the rest of us, we have to be mature adults and understand what ever information you have coming in is not worth your life or anybody else's life," said Sgt. Greg Collins, Parkersburg Police Department.

Collins says the department handles about 45,000 calls a year and their man power is down, so that means double duty. Dispatched to calls also means patrolling for cell phone violations.

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