UPDATE: Python Found In Athens

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UPDATE: 06/27/2013

ATHENS, Ohio (AP) - A relatively small python has been found beneath the southeast Ohio mobile home where a resident said she released it days earlier.

The director of the Hocking Woods Nature Center at Hocking College says the 3-and-a-half-foot python hid under the Athens home and didn't resist when he picked it up by hand Thursday. David Sagan says the python probably didn't leave the area and posed no real danger to residents.

It's not clear what will happen to the snake, which is at the nature center for now.

The woman who released the python Sunday initially said she couldn't afford to feed it.

The county sheriff says the search for the python led to authorities seizing marijuana plants spotted at a mobile home.

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A woman releases her four and a half foot python.

The Athens County Sheriff's Office says it happened Monday off State Route 691.

She told deputies she couldn't afford to feed it and released it the day before. She also said she didn't want the hungry python in her house and she hoped to run it over with a mower.

The sheriff says they're concerned about the safety of small animals and children in the area.

The ODNR is working to locate the python. The woman faces potential charges under the exotic animals law.

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