Rainy Weather Did Not Spoil Vienna's Christmas Parade

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Even though the valley is getting rain throughout the weekend, it didn't stop Vienna from having their annual Christmas parade on Route 14 Saturday.

People stood out under their umbrellas to watch decorated cars, floats and holiday costumes make their way down the parade route.

Members of WTAP's News and Sales Departments were also on hand giving out candy and sharing in the holiday cheer with the community.

Like any other parade, Vienna's Christmas parade got the kids excited to see...you guessed it, Santa Claus.

Parade goers were happy with the turnout, despite the rainy conditions.

"Well it's all about the community, I mean you come out here every year and you cheer on your fire fighters, policemen, the kids that take part in the parade and always have a good time," says Kevin Lebo.

The PHS Archery Team, Ronald McDonald and the Chick-Fil-A Cow were some of the featured acts participating in this year's parade.

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