Raising Awareness On Cross Country

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Getting the community involved and getting more attention for their sport.

That's the goal of Marietta Middle and High School Cross Country runners during the annual Cabin Fever Run and Walk.

"This is our primary fundraiser. We count on this to help us out with uniforms during the year, some of our expenses or what not," says Marietta Middle and High School Cross Country Coach, Dale Leeper.

During the two mile run, students and people in the community run up and down steep hills and even through the mud.

Teams from other schools across the valley also got in on race.

"It feels nice because it raises awareness about cross country and it also helps support us and it's also nice to see people getting involved in physical activities," added Jack Halliday.

"Cross country is a great sport and it's sad that enough people don't know about it and I love it to death and it's really nice to have all these people," replied Katie Rouch.

The Cabin Fever Two Mile Run and Walk isn't about finishing on time, it's about spreading awareness of Cross Country.

"I'm just glad people know about us because there are a lot of sports people don't know a whole lot about. Because of that, they don't get to do a lot of things they want to do," Halliday said.

"In sixth grade, they had a meeting at the middle school which was the first time I even heard of the sport and we always love getting new seventh graders out to run and it's just a lot of fun," says Rouch.

At the end of the run, everyone who finished the race at a certain time received a medal.

For the Marietta Cross Country team, it's not about winning and losing.

"They make great strides and great accomplishments because you can measure yourself against yourself," added Leeper.

This is the 9th year Marietta Middle and High School Cross Country runners put on the two mile run and walk.

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