Rally to Improve Birth

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Dozens of local men, women and children rallied Monday along Grand Central Avenue.

Supporters of improvingbirth.org are giving attention to what they're calling a healthcare crisis around maternity care.

Recent studies show c-section births are at an all time high nationally - 1 out of every 3 - and it's even a little higher in West Virginia.

People rallying Monday say that's inhumane and they want to inform expecting mothers of all options they have to consider.

"This initiative is nationwide. It's 115 locations all over the country. Thousands of women and children and men are coming together to tell their communities that we can do better," says Kelley Klemick, who was at the rally.

Klemick says there's nothing political about the rally, it's just about putting out information.

The event also had face painting, balloons and balloon animals for the children.

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