Ravenswood Authorities Considering Classes on Dangers of Meth

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Shake and bake.

These instant meth labs keep poisoning the valley and are a full-time problem for law enforcement.

Ravenswood Police are asking the community for help.

Authorities are considering hosting a public awareness class to teach people about the signs, symptoms and dangers of meth.

That class is just in the early stages of discussion, but it's getting a lot of positive feedback.

The Ravenswood Police Department has found 6 meth labs just this month.

The latest bust, happening at the Laurel Commons Apartments on North Richie Avenue.

The recent spike in drug activity is prompting police to consider additional methods to clean up the neighborhood.

They're asking people on their Facebook page if they'd be interested in a public awareness class to better understand what to look out for.

"If someone sees that, I want them to recognize what it is. I don't want them to go and start unscrewing the lids of the bottles and potentially breathe those harmful fumes," says Ravenswood Police Chief Lance Morrison. "We want to put enough information out to enable them to know what it is when they see it."

Again, that class in the early stages of discussion.

No timetable has been set as to when the class would happen or where police would gather the community.

Chief Morrison is always accepting feedback and suggestions.

You can contact him at facebook.com/RavenswoodPoliceDepartment.

Police also say there's a scary new trend they're seeing with meth activity.

Left over shake-and-bake labs are being put in backpacks and then the bags are being left around the outskirts of town.

Police fear this practice is endangering locals, especially children.

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