Ravenswood Choir Wins Nationwide Competition

Historical Marker at Ravenswood
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Schools across the nation are taking a hard hit with the tough economic times often leaving music classes to suffer.

Ravenswood is among those schools but thanks to a hard work and loyal supporters they have one a contest to keep them singing-- for years to come.

"It's just great knowing that we're the ones that accomplished for this group," says co-president of the Ravenswood High School Choir, Andrew.

The Glee "Give A Note" Competition made it's announcement to the Ravenswood High School Choir on Thursday after submitting a video weeks ago.

"We knew that we needed that money, and we knew we had a serious shot... what they were giving the money for... that's exactly what we were," explains Andrew.

"The video was graded on the need of the school, how the money education process would be enhanced the voting process and the originality of the video," says choir director, Joyce Pitchford.

The group ranked first in their region competing with 89 other schools.

They say it's nice to see all the hard work pay off.

"I mean I think it has brought us closer a lot... knowing that we're all working to benefit ourselves as a group," says choir member, Drew Mullins.

"I had a blast doing this... I mean rallying the entire community, it was awesome, And its great for us to just go and perform for people because that's what we like to do," says Andrew.

The choir says entering the contest won than more than they expected, working towards a common goal and sharing their love for music with others.

"It's been worth every second of it, every second. Even if we had not won anything, it rallied the community and people just pulled together for a common cause that was, that was the best part. Of course this is the icing on the cake... we'll take the money," says Pitchford.

The group also received 5th in the nationwide vote, with more than 400 schools competing.

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