Ready For Prime Time?

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Governor John Kasich's annual State of the State address comes after a month of well-publicized proposals from the governor on issues ranging from taxes to education to medicaid.

On the latter, a Marietta representative believes the plan to expand medicaid isn't getting widespread support.

"We want to continue to make sure we're fiscally responsible, particularly in difficult economic times," says Rep. Andy Thompson (R-95th District)." "This is a system that is in difficult financial times right now. It's not in good shape; it desperately needs reform at the federal level, and also at the state level."

That's just one of several provisions in the governor's proposed two-year budget. Others include changes in the state's school funding formula and tax code. On both, what has been seen in the details, compared to what kasich talked about, has been disappointing to some lawmakers.

"He talked about a tax shift that somehow was going to be beneficial to the majority of Ohioans," recalls Rep. Debbie Phillips, (D-94th District), "but the analysis we've seen shows that the wealthiest 1% will get a $10,000 tax break, while the poorest 20% will pay more, due to the way it shifts onto an expanded sales tax."

Both Thompson and Phillips expect the governor to defend, and possibly expand on his proposals of the past month.

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