Ready For Some Football?

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If you're going to watch the big game, you need a big TV.

That's what a lot of football fans decide, in the weeks leading up every year to the Super Bowl.

The co-owner of Shadix TV Sales and Service in Marietta says not only do sales of larger TVs spike at this time of the year, so do subscriptions to satellite TV services.

That usually gives electronics stores a big post-holiday smile.

"This month has been a pretty good month," says Tom Shaad. "We've had a lot of satellite sales and a lot of television sales. I don't know if it's the economy, or people are anticipating a good Super Bowl. That we'll have to see."

How much those sales increase depends on who's actually playing in the Super Bowl.

For instance, they were a little better a few years ago, Shaad says, when the Pittsburgh Steelers were the AFCs representatives in the game for all the marbles.

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