Red Cross Seeks Volunteers

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Every year, the Mid-Ohio Valley Chapter of the American Red Cross is looking for volunteers to help victims of natural disasters.

And Saturday was no different as people made their way to the annual recruiting event in Parkersburg.

"We were having an event to promote awareness of the unique volunteer opportunities that the American Red Cross can offer," says American Red Cross Volunteer Coordinator, Shannon Taylor.

Red Cross volunteers can contribute their skills with the area services.

They can volunteer in services like disaster preparedness, health and safety, blood drives and military programs.

"We're both retired now and we have time to contribute to like what disasters services or the blood donor program. And we're interested in what other opportunities they have," added Joe Thorpe.

"Well, I really want to get my lifeguarding certificate so I can lifeguard over the summer and we both wanted to go and help with the disaster struck again," replied Rachel Teter.

It's not hard to volunteer for the Red Cross.

All you have to do is fill out an application, go through a background check and take an online training course.

"We want them to go through a background check to make sure that they can actually work with the medical population that we do serve," said Taylor.

Volunteers are willing to donate their time to an organization committed to the community.

"It's a real reputable organization with a long history. They touch a lot of different people," says Patricia Sigley.

"Well, the American Red Cross has always been there throughout history to help people out in emergency situations such as the sandy disaster," replied Thorpe.

And helping out for the Red Cross can be an experience of a lifetime.

"I came into this volunteer coordinator position having a little background in working with volunteers and I'm excited to give people the opportunity," says Taylor.

Those volunteering are used not only in state but around the country.

People under the age of 18 are required to have their applications signed by a parent or guardian to participate.

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