Red Cross Donation

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Motivated by tragedy, two good samaritans out of Ritchie County step up to make a difference.

When Anthony Farr and Brian Morton heard about the tornado disasters in Oklahoma, they just knew they had to do something to help.

The Pizza House Family Restaurant in Harrisville gave them the okay to fundraise there.

The two waited tables last Thursday night and had a friendly competition to see who could bring in the most tips.

Pledges also continued to pour in.

“Communicating with the offices over the past few days we've really learned a lot and then we sat with Sharon and she taught us a lot of what the Red Cross does, so we're extremely excited to continue being involved here,” Farr says. “We're not really part of an organization, we just decided to kinda join together to help where we could.”

With no affiliation or marketing experience, it meant so much to two guys from the oil and gas industry to be able to turn over the money to such a well deserving organization.

When all was said and done, the duo raised $2,500 combined for the Mid-Ohio Valley chapter of the American Red Cross.

“This is just a true example of how a seed planted really helps to make something grow and just have a huge impact on folks we don't even know but are in desperate need of assistance,” says Sharon Kesselring, financial development director for the chapter.

Kesselring was impressed and thrilled that the guys single-handedly pulled off something so selfless and generous.

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