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The tornadoes in Oklahoma made such an impact on an 8-year-old local girl that she single-handedly pulled off a big fundraising effort.

A news report got Mikayla Satow thinking.

"I wanted to do something to help people in Oklahoma,” the Blennerhassett Elementary School student says.

Her mom is overcome with emotion.

"I can't even explain in words how proud we are, this was her idea,” Miki Satow says.

It means a lot to the Red Cross anytime children step up to help in the face of something devastating.

"For an 8-year-old to go out and ask neighbors, friends of what she wants to do to help is amazing to us,” says Sharon Callow, executive director of the Mid-Ohio Valley Chapter of the American Red Cross.

She did that and more -- also approaching area businesses her family frequents to tell them of her plans.

Making things happen.

"That was some of the start of the whole thing,” Mikayla says.

Over the course of three weeks, she raised $1,500, which she turned over to the Parkersburg chapter on Wednesday.

"We appreciate it greatly and that money will be used only for Oklahoma and the disaster relief,” Callow says.

Mom is beaming with pride.

"She did all the talking and came up with I guess, a slogan -- called it 'More for Moore' since it was for Moore, Oklahoma,” Miki says, adding that she is so thankful to everyone who gave to help further her daughter’s cause.

In the end, Mikayla does it for Oklahoma.

"Some people that they don't know, that are strangers to them have really big hearts and care about them,” she says.

If you want to give to the Oklahoma Tornado Relief Fund, contact the Mid-Ohio Valley Red Cross at 304-485-7311.

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