Red Cross Gifts that Count

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Meaningful, memorable gifts are often the ones cherished the most.

The Parkersburg Red Cross offers gifts that can make a real difference.

Feed the hungry... give three hot meals for $30.

Those who serve and protect face a tough journey home without any personal items when wounded in war. You can give them a military comfort kit for $50 that includes phone cards, shower shoes and toiletries.

You can also provide someone affected by disaster with two full days of emergency shelter for just $100.

"The holiday gift catalog gives donors an opportunity to honor someone that they want to give a gift to but that has everything by saying, 'in your name I am giving,'" says Mid-Ohio Valley Red Cross development director Sharon Kesselring.

The gift catalog is in its third year.

Red Cross created it as a way for people to connect with those experiencing loss, hurt or discomfort.

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