Red Cross Provides Shelter for Those in Need After Storm

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South Parkersburg was hit hard by Tuesday night's storm.

Several people found themselves looking for a place for the night and the Red Cross was there to help.

The Red Cross set up at South Parkersburg Baptist Church around 6:00 Tuesday night after a few families in South Parkersburg were forced to leave their homes.

High winds were short lived.

But for many families the damage was devastating.

One resident says the storm blew the roof off of his apartment building.

He and his family had no choice but to evacuate.

They spent the night at the Red Cross shelter.

"I didn't have no option, we had to leave, they put the sticker on there. Luckily, the fire marshals did call Red Cross - there's actually some people who still care. It's unbelievable. We came here and they treat us like family, fed us, everything," says Shawn Barker.

The Barkers sent their daughters to stay with family.

Right now they're just hoping to get a few belongings out of the remans of their home.

The complex is beyond repair.

The building owner says they'll have to tear the building down.

A handful of others spent the night at the Red Cross shelter Tuesday night.

Many were able to return home.

Those that can't will move temporarily to a sanctuary house on 36th Street.

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