Regional Drug Task Force Combating Substance Abuse

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Members of the Regional Drug Task Force asked people of the community to help them in combating the substance abuse problem in West Virginia.

Meetings are being held statewide in hopes to get suggestions on how to defeat problem.

"We know there is a terrible substance abuse problem in the state at DHHR we have developed a comprehensive plan to deal with that, but that's just our plan,"says Assistant Secretary of Communications for Legislative Affairs for the Department of Health and Human Resources, John Law. "We need to see what the citizens want, what they think is really important in their area."

Acting Governor Tomblin put together a group of officials to be a part of the Substance Abuse Advisory Council and all suggestions at this local meeting will be given to them.

Those who attended the meeting learned about the substance abuse in the area then broke into groups to suggest a better plan for this problem.

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