Nuns Bring Out Protesters

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A group of Nuns brings controversy and protest to downtown Marietta.

It's the Ohio "Nuns on a Bus" and they say it's not political but educational and influential.

"This is a day just for us to take the time to remember government affects peoples real lives," says one "Nuns on a Bus" supporter. "Poor people, people without insurance, those less fortunate than others and that's who the nuns stand for."

The Catholic Sisters did not mention any candidates by name and endorsed no political signs.

But a group stands opposite holding signs in support of pro-life and presidential candidate Romney, calling the nuns radical... hiding motives behind religion.

"I think unfortunately almost everything in our society has become political and incumbent upon us who have strong values both in the realm of politics and otherwise," says one protest or.

"I'm here to protest the bus load of nuns that are here," explains another protest or. "That they do not represent the Catholic church."

The sisters talk to the group about what they call a "faithful budget." They describe it as protecting the care for the vulnerable and poor.

They also make it known they are 100-percent pro-life. "Pro-life for us means that we do concern ourselves with living wage," explains one sister from "Nuns on a Bus, "just wage, decent health care, education, food, housing, and care for our seniors, medicare and other types of health care programs that are supportive."

Other Catholics, joined by more, stand opposite the Nuns in prayer, saying the group goes against real Catholic beliefs.

They say the nuns preach religion but stay too silent on abortion and the true beliefs of the church. "I would like to make it clear the nuns on the bus stand outside the teachings of the catholic church, in fact they've been reprimanded by the Vatican. Claims to be pro-life but when asked whether she would take a stance on the legal prohibition of abortion that that was above her pay grade and we don't find that acceptable, that's not in keeping of the church."

The Ohio "Nuns on a Bus" have toured across Ohio making it about lifting up people who would be harmed by an immoral budget.

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