Remembering Domestic Violence Victims

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Remembering those who lost their lives because of abuse in their home. A special breakfast was held today to tell their stories.

Twenty seven chairs draped in black. An empty seat where only a paper lays with just a rose or teddy bear. These seats symbolize the 27 people killed last fiscal year as a result of domestic violence.

Community members read aloud... "A 44 year old female from Wayne County. She was fatally shot by her husband and then he committed suicide."

Children, women and men all named with their stories inside. Community members read the names aloud at the annual Purple Ribbon Remembrance Breakfast. It's all about shedding light on abuse in the home and remember those lives lost.

"A lot of times we think about victims of domestic violence during the holidays and more awareness then but we choose to do something like this at a different time of year to bring awareness," explains the Executive Director of the Family Crisis and Intervention Center, Emily Larkins.

And while no names were read from Wood or Pleasants County there are still victims of the abuse daily, right here in the Valley.

"As the Family Crisis and Intervention Center we assisted or handled over 3,100 contacts due to domestic violence within our fiscal year last year."

And the Center says its about getting those victims help to get out of the situation sooner to stop the deaths from even happening.

"Statistics say it takes five to seven times for a victim to leave the situation for good, so we want to educate and be proactive."

It's about a victim's story living on Instead of becoming just another empty chair

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