Remembering Dr. Eldon Miller

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It was a day to reflect back on a man who was very loyal to WVUP for many years.

Colleagues and friends gathered at the College Activities Center to remember former President, Doctor Eldon Miller.

"I found that he was a nice guy. He had an easy smile, quick smile, sometimes a nervous smile under the pressure. Kind of a laid back approach," says West Virginia Department of Commerce Cabinet Secretary, Keith Burdette.

"Eldon Miller gave me opportunities that I would probably would never had. He saw something in me that caused him to have confidence in me," added Former WVUP Interim President, Dr. Joseph Badgley.

Miller was WVUP's longest serving president from 1982 to 2000.

Over his 30 years working in higher education, Miller founded the Community Colleges of Appalachia Association, giving students an opportunity to have a brighter future.

"His ability to be able to bring back baccalaureate degree programs to Parkersburg which had been the interest and the desire of the business and the industry leaders and the citizens in Wood County for years and years and years and no one was able to pull that off but Eldon Miller did it. And he did it through his quiet diplomacy and his leadership," replied Badgley.

President Eldon Miller made a lot of contributions at WVUP but it's his legacy he left behind that people who knew him well will never forget.

"What he left me was a community of people who were very concerned about students about education and also about the community, the college's connection to the community," WVUP President, Dr. Marie Foster Gnage said.

Even though Miller passed away in May of this year, he is will always be a legendary figure to a college he called home.

"He gave this college direction, purpose and stability. And I have great admiration for that and respect for that," says Burdette.

Upon his retirement in 2000, Miller said "My 18 year association with WVU Parkersburg and the Wood County community has been one of the most significant parts of my career and life."

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