Remembering All Murder Victims

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In the year 2010 alone, there were 62 murder victims in West Virginia and 476 in Ohio, with nearly 15,000 nation wide. September 25, the country is asked to remember those victims and their loved ones.

Killed by another in 2004, Leanda Atkinson's family deals with the pain even eight years later.

"It's a time to remember the ones that we have lost, friends, family, loved ones," says Leanda's mother, Lynn. "It's hard to put someone in the ground but it's even harder when you do it when it's a crime, a heinous crime that you know, people are losing their lives over."

It's the National day of Remembrance for murder victims.

"Since the year 2000 there have been 113-thousand persons who have been killed in the United States because of murder," explains Wood County Sheriff's Deputy Deem.

The Wood County Sheriff's Office took a moment of silence for all those victims and their families. Joining them, the Adkinson family, including Leanda's daughter Hailey, who is now in forth grade.

"The toll that you all have to pay is instrumental and we're here to support you all and try to help from this happening more than it already is," says Deem.

"It's hard," explains Lynn Adkinson. "We went through the court system for four to five years, and it's just constant reliving. Now things are kind of settling down. Then, watching her daughter grow up you see different things in her that was in Leanda but that's a comfort in a way also. It's just something you never get over."

The Wood County Sheriff's Office, local WV State Troopers, and Williamstown and Vienna Police Departments all wear a red and black ribbon for 24 hours to recognize the day and show their respects.

The red shows the lives lost to murder and black symbolizes mourning. "It shows honor to the ones that have been lost," says Lynn, "not only my daughter or the loved ones that were lost but there has just been a tremendous amount of homicides in our county and surrounding counties."

Bricks have been laid in Jackson Park in honor of local murder victims. Those can be found across from the Jackson Middle School beside the fenced in air plane, just above the park. To get a brick email Lynn at:

For more on the Adkinson's family's story visit:

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