Rendezvous On The River Wrap Up

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Imagine living life without the technology we use today.

That was the case for many people as they got a glimpse of the early frontier's lifestyle at the Blennerhassett Island Historical State Park.

"The participants at the rendezvous really enjoyed their time on the island. They do these events throughout the east coast but here at the island, they actually get to camp on a historical site that actually has history dating back to the same period that they're re-enacting," says Blennerhassett Island Historical State Park Superintendent, Matthew Baker.

Participants living in single pole, marquee pole or wall tents got to experience several challenges while living on the Blennerhassett Island for three days.

"At that time, of course this area, there's no amenities, no electricity, no heat. So, they were on their own and that's totally self efficient," added Baker.

Those visiting the island also got had the opportunity to travel back more than 150 years.

"So the visitors got to go through the camps, they would even go through some of their tents to see some of their cooking utensils, the tools they would use to wood work, make leather," replied Baker.

Despite the rainy conditions, the turnout to the Rendezvous on the River was a great success.

"We had over a thousand guests between Tuesday and Saturday that visited the island and got to see the camp men. A lot of those are school kids, so that's a neat experience for the school kids that are here on field trips," Baker said.

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River, please call the Blennerhassett Island at 304-420-4800 or visit

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