UPDATE: Renovations Begin at Edison Middle School

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UPDATE 7/10/2014 5:10 PM

Some major improvements being made at Edison Middle School.

Repairs and additions that will increase safety and improve the learning environment.

The school building authority is funding the $3.2 million project.

Renovations include three new classrooms and covered walkways between buildings.

A new entryway will also help to step up security.

Plus an addition of 77 square feet of ceiling sprinklers.

A fire safety measure that the school has never had.

"It's a tremendous input to our school system, obviously. We're in a situation where we can always use renovations to our facilities. There's hundreds of things that need to be fixed everyday. So, we're blessed to be able to have the opportunity to get this work done," says Mike Fling, Assistant Superintendent of Wood County Schools.

New additions will solve the overcrowding issue.

Where in the past, teachers had to cart materials room to room, the district says.

The project will also add new cafeteria windows and tiles.

Wood County's school district only has to pay for a fifth of the cost, with the state of West Virginia taking care of the rest.

The project should be complete early November.

Renovations for Edison Middle School start this summer.

The school is one of the largest middle schools in the district.

Construction is expected to wrap up in October.

The board says bids for the project came in low, at just over $1.6 million.

The school building association is reviewing G and G Contracting's bid.

"We're actually meeting with some SBA officials tomorrow to decide the best way to reinvest that money into the project, where we had cut things out to get inside this box. Now we are going to be able to look at what is achievable within that," said Assistant Superintendent Mike Fling.

The board also plans renovations for the Rod Oldham gym bleachers starting June 16th.

The upper level will be installed first.

Handrails will fold up and stay intact.

The construction allows the school to gain possible classroom space.

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