Rep. Bill Johnson Responds to Downwind Pollution Ruling

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While it's being called a big victory for environmentalists, one Ohio congressman isn't happy with a new ruling from the US Supreme Court.

The court cleared the way Monday for an EPA rule to take effect.

The law limits emissions from coal-fired power plants in more than two-dozen states, including West Virginia and Ohio.

Supporters say it's an effort to reduce pollution across state lines. They say polluted air from Appalachian states flows east, polluting the air over states along the Atlantic coast.

But Congressman Bill Johnson says it's another example of a "war on coal".

"I think it's a very bad rule. The thousands of jobs that it's threatening. It's just another major setback for the American people, hardworking American people, who have provided our energy for a very long time," said Rep. Johnson.

Monday's decision upholds the EPA's "Good Neighbor" rule.

Critics argue the EPA standards prevent states from finding their own answers to air pollution.