Retired Special Forces Member Speaks at Burger King Banquet

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The annual Burger King Awards Banquet hosted a special guest. Greg Stube is the host of Coming Home, a show airing on the Sportsman Channel.

This retired special forces member was terribly wounded in Afghanistan. Five years ago he was hit by shrapnel and a whole area of his leg had to be rebuilt along with losing the majority of his intestine and suffering multiple gunshot wounds.

After a year of recovery, he embarked on a television show that would showcase the beauty of America and the wonders of freedom.

He traveled to Parkersburg to spread his love of country and story of hope.

"We do have a culture of service. I want people to live by that and serve each other and love each other," says Stube. "I think that my experiences can help illuminate the beauty of our culture and the freedom of America."

Stube travels the country speaking of perserverance and purpose. To find out more about his show, you can go to

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