Retirement Community

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WVUP will be getting new neighbors about two years from now. Lakeside Landing Retirement community is coming to town.

The first phase will include 100 apartments of single and double occupancy, and then 60 assisted living units.

Overall cost of the project will be $28 to 35 million upon completion.

"It will keep a lot of the people when they retire," says Michael Miller, developer and owner of Ohio Valley Health Care. "It will give them an opportunity to stay in their community and attend their own churches. They're bankers, they're lawyers -- the schools that they participate in and so forth, they'll be able to stay in the community."

The project has been 10 years in the making and Miller says with an aging population in the area, there's a definite need.

He's extremely excited about the project going forward, but says it will take a commitment from individuals who want to move into the development.

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