Rick Wallenda Visits to Prepare for Walk Across the Ohio River

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Their families are known all over the world and they are coming to the Mid-Ohio Valley.

Rick Wallenda is part of the world famous Wallendas. He is partnering up with Robbie Knievel, Evil Knievel's son, for a dare devil show right here on the Ohio River.

"Oh well I was invited by Robbie. My friend Robbie said let's team up and do this stunt together, and I said absolutely I would love to do that, a tribute to his father and my grandfather, they worked together, we are going to work together," said Rick Wallenda, World Famous Dare Devil.

Rick was in Marietta and Williamstown Monday afternoon, scoping out each side of the Ohio River for his tight rope walk in October.

"I'm thrilled, ya know I can't wait! I want to cancel all my other engagements and stay right here and get ready for it, (laughs) I don't think I better though," said Wallenda.

Rick came into town with his sister and cousin who are also very excited.

"Oh we are just thrilled, we are looking so forward to it. This is going to be a big event and it's a dream come true for my brother, to do this particular walk here," said Rietta Wallenda, Rick Wallenda sister.

Rick says there is a lot of preparing that needs to be done before the actual event takes place.

"We are inspecting the rigging possibilities, we are discussing it. We have people here that are experts in the various things that we are going to need, and we are going to put it all together, as far as the rigging is concerned. Myself, I'm training by carrying, at home, before I left I was carrying a 65 pound pole 1,200 feet. Now I just realized this was more than 1,200 feet, so I'm going to have to expand my boundaries there, and go a lot more than 1,200 feet in preparation," said the Dare Devil.

Rick says even though he has been doing this for many years, he still gets nervous. He says that doesn't bother him, it just means he loves what he does. He says this event in October however is going to be one of a kind, and you are not going to want to miss it.

"We are going to jam the banks full of people, the bridge is going to be full of people. We are going to have dignitaries and celebrities this is going to be a major event and everybody needs to come and see it," said Wallenda.

Event coordinators says this is all part of a promotional event for a new outdoor recreation and vacation destination, called Ohio Outdoor Heaven.

"The time that the events come, it is going to be action packed, it is going to be great fun and this is a prelude to our Ohio Outdoor Heaven, it's the same, same concept, same thing, same atmosphere, family fun, it's exciting, and I think the people here will want more," said Wei Sheng, Outdoor Heaven Coordinator.

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