Riley Oblisk is on the Mend

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She's your typical 6-year-old girl. She loves Disney, dolls, and Selena Gomez.

But Riley's story captured hearts in the valley when she fell from a float at the Parkersburg Christmas Parade. The wheels ran her over, breaking her hips.

"They really wanted to hand the candy out and there was a rule where they weren't allowed to throw it so my older daughter, every time it stopped she was getting off the trailer and she was handing candy to kids along the side," says Riley's father Mike Oblisk. "Riley hadn't done that yet, but she wanted to so i don't know how it really all worked out, but she slipped off the side and she hit the ground and the two tires went over her pelvis."

Nationwide Children's Hospital in Columbus treated her pain, but doctors said surgery and casts were not an option.

So she's spending her days in a chair at home building strength with a walker to get around.

"She goes 'you wanna get up' and she said 'yeah we'll give it a shot.' She was the one that wanted to give it a shot. She was like yeah let's try it," says Mike Oblisk. "She was able to walk around with her walker, basically unassisted, I mean my mother-in-law was there to guide her along the way a little bit, but I think yesterday was a serious turning of the corner."

A corner to a Merry Christmas, thankful for a happy family, and a caring community.

"We are just blown away by the support. We are blown away by the prayers. We are blown away by the fact that people care about our little 6-year-old."

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