Rising Coffee Prices

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Get ready to pay more for that morning jolt.

This won't be good for those loyal coffee drinkers.

Coffee prices are on the rise.

Why, you ask?

Natural disasters.

Brazil's worst drought in decades is to blame for destroying crops.

In other countries, disease is damaging coffee plants.

Coffee experts say prices are have already gone up about 9 percent for packaged Folgers and Dunkin' Donuts brands sold at grocery stores.

Locally, All Pro Nutrition in Marietta hasn't felt the impact yet, getting their coffee close to home in Gallipolis, Ohio.

"The fact that coffee is going up this is a staple of our economy, it is scary because what else could start going up from there?," says coffee drinker Jim Lambright.

"We're really not too worried at this point, we've definitely seen fluctuations even with having our juice bar, and having to source other products," says Nicole Wires, manager at All Pro Nutrition. "It's one of those things, I couldn't imagine our life without coffee, and without organic fair trade coffee and our customers feel the same."

Wires says they adapt and move forward, she's not too concerned.

Their coffee prices have been the same for 15 years.

But they are always aware of what's going on, so if they do have to up their prices, hopefully it will be a temporary situation.

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