UPDATE: Ritchie County Deputy Appears in Court

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UPDATE 6/24/2014 5:35 PM

A Ritchie County deputy accused of lying about how much he worked made an appearance in court Tuesday.

Our cameras weren't allowed inside magistrate court in Harrisville for Cpl. James Asbury's pretrial hearing.

Cpl. Asbury is accused of falsely charging the county six and a half hours of overtime on April 1st.

Another sheriff's deputy testified the fourteen and a half hours Asbury claimed he worked that day didn't add up with records from a GPS unit installed on his cruiser.

Sheriff Bryan Backus says he wanted to monitor Asbury because last fall he had shown the least amount of activity on his daily logs.

Chief administrative officer Ron Barniak testified a search warrant was never obtained to secretly install the GPS.

The sheriff says no warrant was necessary because the cruiser is a sheriff's department vehicle.

The case now goes to a grand jury.

A Ritchie County deputy is charged with falsifying accounts.

Ritchie County Sheriff Bryan Backus says Deputy Jim Asbury was arrested Friday.

He's accused of lying about how much he worked and getting paid for it.

He was released on $10,000 bond.

Deputy Asbury is suspended with pay while the investigation continues.

Sheriff Backus says there could be more charges against Deputy Asbury.

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