Ritchie Regional Health Center Moves Into Town, Ready to Care for the Greater Parkersburg Area

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When Tricia's son got sick, Ritchie Regional Health Center came to the rescue. She didn't miss work, he didn't miss school and they had peace of mind.

"Not only did the nurse practitioner call me like within a half hour of his visit to tell me what she had saw, she had already called in a prescription to a local pharmacy for me and felt that it was urgent that he start taking the medication right away so I went on my lunchtime," says Parkersburg resident Tricia Sanders.

Look no further for a medical home, the new community medical center at Parkersburg South can help.

"We offer a full array of medical services that you could get at any doctors office," says Bill Snider, Ritchie CEO. "We have physicians, nurse practitioners, we have dental services at some of our sites, mental health services and take the place of a quick care if the students here at school."

Their people are highly skilled. That's what they do and happy to make a difference everyday.

"We have a great staff, they provide quality healthcare, we have a physician who comes through this office on a regular basis to help the nurse practitioners if they have questions," Snider says. "Our nurse practitioners have years of experience, so when somebody comes here they can be assured that they're going to get quality care."

No one is turned away at this medical office. Their flexible scale system is income based.

"We refuse no one service, we are federally funded, we offer a sliding fee based on the federal poverty guidelines and the household income," Snider says. "So if somebody's is looking for a medical home, we can certainly help and we can do it based on your ability to pay."

People are concerned for their health. Now care is within reach... for young and old alike.

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