UPDATE: Abandoned Dogs Recovering; Shelter Accepts Adoption Applications

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Ritchie County Humane Society Shelter says the abandoned dogs taken into the shelter on June 3rd are healthy and only eight left for adoption.

UPDATE 06/10/2012 7:04 PM

Ritchie County Humane Society Shelter Manager Debbie Moyers says the abandoned dogs taken into the shelter on June 3rd are recovering nicely and doing much better.

"It's an amazing transformation," explains Moyers.

The dogs have all been treated for sarcoptic mange, parasites, malnourishment and various types of infections.

Moyers says the shelter is currently taking adoption applications for the dogs. She adds that it will be roughly 4 months before they are healthy enough to leave the Humane Society.

Moyers says the dogs still have a long way to go and still need a great deal of help. She explains that all donations are greatly appreciated but most of all the Humane Society needs monetary donations that will help continue to pay for the medicines and emergency supplies for the dogs.

The thirty dogs left to die on the side of the road are now wagging their tails.

While the Ritchie County Humane Society President, Kitty Ray, says they have a long road to recovery, she's happy to see them progressing.

"They were in such horrible condition that it's going to take awhile for them to even start to looking better enough that you can tell," says Ray. "They're more comfortable now, they've all had their toenails trimmed and they're on antibiotics they're having treatment for the mange that has made them lose their hair."

The shelter did lose one dog Wednesday morning but Ray says they are doing everything they can to prevent that from happening to the other dogs.

Ray says the support and donations has been overwhelming but the next few months are going to be tough, adding these 30 dogs to their already long list.

Jon Six Hair Company in Vienna is now taking in donations to help the cause, he says it's a cause close to his heart.

"I have over 1500 friends on facebook and I would say about 1400 are dog lovers, so it's you know, plus I'd say the majority of the customers that come into the salon on dog lovers so people have just been very supportive," says Six.

The shelter says any little bit can help.

"The supplies we certainly could use because we're always short on supplies but the money will go toward medical bills and having the animals spayed and neutered before they're adopted," explains Ray.


Ritchie Co. Humane Society
Rt. 1 Box 3, Harrisville WV
Or call (304) 643-4721

Jon Six Hair Company
1509 Grand Central Ave (Across from Fusion and Lowe's, same plaza as Paradise Grill and Coldstone Creamery)
Bring any donations by during work hours, 10-7.

The Ritchie County Humane Society takes in 30 incredibly sick dogs who were abandoned by the side of the road and left for dead. Humane Society Shelter Manager, Deborah Moyers, says she will do everything she can to make sure these dogs get healthy.

"We will fight to save them. Every one of them," Moyers explains. "We are not willing to give up."

A fight it will be. The dogs are all suffering from mange, malnourishment and various types of infections. Moyers says the Humane Society staff and Doddridge County Sheriff's Office have teamed up to find who is responsible.

"I am working with the Doddridge County Sheriff's Department right now. It's an investigation. I got a couple tips and they are going to check out the places."

An investigation with the hopes of finding who is behind what Moyers calls the worst case of animal abuse she has ever seen.

"This is the worst case of abuse I have ever seen. I hope and pray to God that I never see this again... for the animals sake. And I hope the people that did this are caught and prosecuted."

Moyers says the shelter is completely overwhelmed with the addition of the sick dogs. She says the shelter in in desperate need of Pedigree Small Breed Dry Dog Food, bleach, dog bedding, towels and Clorox wipes.

Most of all though, Moyers says the Ritchie County Humane Society needs money. She says a cash donation will help buy the medicine and emergency supplies they need for the dogs.

To learn more about the dogs, the shelter or their needs call (304) 643-4721.

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