River City Farmer's Market

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It demolished their building and shocked residents across the valley.
The River City Farmer's Market is carrying on in the wake of the recent fire.

"Personally I think I lost a little over $5,000 and it was a pretty good blow," says Vienna resident Gale Karcher, a former carpenter who combines his woodworking and artistic skills to make three-dimensional wooden pictures.

The vendors are taking one day at a time as they try to regroup.

"It's harder because of the weather,” says Yvonne Kincaid, with Lisa’s Sweet Stop of Beverly. “I mean it's a beautiful day today, but we just have to bring everything down whereas they usually had the tables and the setup."

More than $100,000 worth of crafts and artwork was lost in the building.

"I lost everything I had,” Karcher says. “It was 35 pictures I lost at the other building. I'm working anywhere from 10 to 14 hours a day in my shop trying to redo all the ones I've done."

A devastating fire set them back, but it hasn't dampened their spirits.

"Everybody seems to be supporting it very well,” Kincaid says.

Everyone was affected by the fire, some well beyond others, but they're all standing together.

"Fortunately for me, my stuff was mostly perishable so I didn't leave a whole lot," says Suzi White, of Whites 4G Farm in Lower Salem. "But you know, so many people stop by and a lot of comments and a lot of well wishers."

A community is rallying around the vendors and doing everything they can to help.

"The support we've been getting has been great," Karcher says.

Washington County Commissioners are pushing for the building to be rebuilt before the fair on August 30th, but it might not be a reality.

Vendors will continue selling under the Grandstand until further notice.

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